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DEATHPIT 3000 is a top-down co-op bullet hell shooter where you fight waves of enemies to claim arena championships! Choose a quantum ability that promotes offensive or defensive play-styles as you battle your way through four distinct Deathpits and slaughter hoards of deadly enemies to earn Spacebux and unlock weapons, equipment and upgrades, all in a humorous dystopian sci-fi universe.

Inspired by retro classic Smash TV and influenced by modern co-op titles such as Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, it’s a punchy experience - great for casual gamers but with enough challenge and tactical depth for hours of replayability.

  • 2 player online co-op
  • 1-4 player local network co-op
  • 4 championships
  • 4 powerful quantum abilities (shield, group teleport, lighting attack and invisibility)
  • 5 voiced playable characters
  • 6 tactically distinct, upgradable weapons
  • Grenades, mines, jetpacks, armour, deployable walls and turrets
  • 13 enemy types, each with unique attacks and weaknesses
  • Complete wiki of humorous sci-fi universe and backstories
  • Steam Achievements & Cloud Save
  • Full Xbox gamepad support and Steam controller configuration
  • Trading cards (TBA: pending Steam authorization)

DEATHPIT 3000 is the debut release by Cyberlamb Studios, a two-man indie developer from Wales, UK. Thanks for checking out our game!